On Mac App Store: wineCellar 2.12

Cadent is proud to announce that Cadent wineCellar 2.12 (Mac Version) is now available on the Apple App Store!  Priced the same as the current "licensed" version at $24.99US, the App Store version has all the same features.

You can sync any of the Cadent wineCellar apps with the Cadent Cloud for the purpose of keeping them all in sync with each other.  Currently, there are 5 variations of Cadent wineCellar:

  • Mac Version (licensed).
  • Mac Version (App Store).
  • Windows Version (licensed).
  • iOS Version (App Store, iPhone and iPad universal).
  • Cadent Cloud web site.

All can be kept in sync with each other via the Cadent Cloud.  The license which comes with the licensed version will work on both Mac and Windows versions allowing you to use both platforms in your home.  The App Store versions do not allow for this but do allow you to run on all Mac's registered to your iTunes account (Mac Version) or iOS devices (iOS version).

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