Cadent monitorLite

Cadent monitorLite is a process/application monitoring utility which currently runs as a universal application (Intel and PPC) under MacOS 10.4 and 10.5.  monitorLite offers these features:

  • Represents the process/application information as a hierarchical graph rather than a flat list.
  • Uses a small amount of CPU.
  • Provides a powerful “snapshot” feature allowing you to see what is, and is not, running on your system relative to a previous point in time.
  • Has a search box to quickly find processes you are looking for.
  • Has CPU a memory filters to watch for processes using all your system's resources.
  • Provides a slimmed down view of what files/internet connections an application has open.
  • Can export these graphical views to the graphviz DOT file format.  This makes it available to other applications which support the DOT format such as graphviz and the Omni Group’s OmniGraffe version 5.
  • Has two security modes: privileged mode, and user mode to accommodate different security concerns.  

monitorLite Screenshot
monitorLite Screenshot

You initially get a full-featured 30-day trial after which a $15US license needs to be purchased if you wish to continue using it.

You can get help on using monitorLite from the monitorLite Help Page.

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